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The following is a compilation of answers to commonly asked questions about the Tell Us Your Skills.

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What does this facility do?
This website provides a free and easy means to link those looking for work with those looking for workers. It is not meant to replace the services of Job Network providers or other similar employment agencies but simply compliment their efforts in ensuring that as many people are gainfully employed as possible and therefore local businesses can fulfil their potential.

Who should use this facility?
Everyone is welcome to use this free service. Whether you are living in the area or elsewhere, this is an ideal way to make contact with businesses looking for workers or to make contact with prospective employees if you are an employer looking to fill a vacancy.

How does it do it?
This facility has been designed to be a simple and easy to use tool for employers and individuals looking for work while remaining easy to manage and cost effective for the Council to operate. To achieve these aims the facility was engineered to be as automated as possible while still maintaining a high level of privacy for the participants. Therefore for a person looking for work in the or a local Employer it is simply a matter of clicking on either the ‘Individuals Registration’ or ‘Employer Registration’ button on the previous page and completing your details (especially the fields marked by an asterix). Once you have pressed the submit button at the bottom of the form, employers who have already registered will automatically receive an e-mail outlining your profile if you have nominated the area of work, (Administration, HR, Industrial, etc.), that applies to their business. If the employer is interested in learning more about you they can simply click the option to send you an e-mail with their details and a request to contact them. All registered employers, including those that register after an individual, have access to the existing database of individuals looking for employment in the area.

What happens after I register?
Once an individual submits their registration their details are automatically added to the skills database, a confirmation of their details is displayed, a registration confirmation e-mail is sent to them and e-mails are also sent to the relevant registered employers. An individual will then receive an e-mail from any interested employers and after 55 days the individual will receive an invitation to renew their registration before it expires after 60 days. For employers, a confirmation e-mail is sent and from then on details of any new individual registrations that match their requirements will also be automatically sent out for them to consider. Employers can login at any time to view individuals that have registered previously. There is no need for employers to renew a registration but they can, like individuals, easily update their profile at any time using their Login and Password.

What happens when an employer is interested in an individual?
When an employer receives an e-mail containing an individual’s profile that they are interested in pursuing they have the opportunity to have an e-mail containing a request for further contact by the individual and their own contact details automatically sent to the individual. It is then in the individual’s own best interests to contact the employer as soon as possible, (perhaps e-mailing the employer your CV would also help), to further discuss their skills and experience. It will then be up to both the individual and employer as to whether an interview is warranted and make the necessary arrangements.

What if I lose my Login and/or Password?
Not a problem, simply go to the Login page of , enter the e-mail address that you used in your registration and your Login and Password will be automatically e-mailed to you.

How long does a registration remain current?
Employer registrations will always remain current but individual registrations will lapse after 60 days to ensure that the database is accurate with regards to those looking for employment in the area and their details. Individuals will receive a reminder that their registration is due to expire and will have the opportunity to readily renew their registration for another 60 day period.

Who do I contact if I have any queries or concerns?
If you have any questions, please email.

How is my privacy protected?
The automated process ensures that the employers are not aware of your e-mail address and thus it is up to the individual to decide how much of their name, age, etc. is disclosed in the registration process. Individuals are encouraged however to ensure that the information given is accurate and inclusive enough for prospective employers to have enough information to judge whether they wish to pursue further discussions with you. It should also be noted that anyone can register and the registrations are not moderated. As such the validity of people using this facility cannot be assured and due caution should be exercised.

Can I cancel my registration?
Yes, regardless of whether you are an individual or employer, you can cancel your registration with by simply logging into the website with your Login and Password. Once logged in you will see an option to cancel your registration at the top of the ‘Edit Profile’ page.

Why was this facility developed?
The website has been developed as an initiative of the Economic Development Unit of the . This was in response to the growing number of businesses in the area seeking additional staff to meet their expansion needs and the growing number of people, both local and from around Australia, unaware of the diverse employment opportunities our local industry offers.

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